I get very often questions and requests via email.

I have tried to bring together the most common questions below.

Unfortunately it is impossible for me for organizational reasons to answer positively on all requests, how noble they undoubtedly are. I hope I can count on your understanding if I can not fulfil your wish.


1. Can I receive a signed postcard?


You can always pass at the races for a picture and a signature. It will be my pleasure to give you one! For practical reasons it is not possible for me to send you postcards by mail.


2. Can I get one of your jerseys (or other material such as bottles,…) (for charity purposes)?


I only have a limited number of jerseys which I all need for races, training, ... . So this is not possible.


3. Requests for participation in (track)races


My racing schedule is mainly programmed by my team SD WORX.

Please send your request to my management agency 10Speed HR via cycling@10speedhr.be  .


4. Requests for interviews


Please send your interview requests to my management agency 10Speed HR via cycling@10speedhr.be .


5. Requests for marketing activities and publicity campaigns


Please contact my management agency 10Speed HR via cycling@10speedhr.be .


6. Requests for participation in surveys, polls, etc.


Due to my busy schedule and for privacy reasons I do not participate in surveys and polls.


7. Participation in benefit evenings, charity ambassador, …


I am ambassador of Special Olympics Belgium. Due to my busy program it is not possible for me to participate in other projects. Your project / request is undoubtedly very valuable but my agenda is really fully booked and I want to put my entire focus on my ambassadorship of the Special Olympics.